Ylhana Arderne

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Y'lhana, circa 1536 DR, fully masked and in gladitorial armor.
"I don't just want her to accept this, I want to live a life she'd approve of." - Y'lhana, speaking to Anouk about her mother.
Y'lhana, circa 1536 DR, without her mask.

Y'lhana Arderne was an Aasimar gladiator in Vanta, during the time of Elderain's sundering. She wears a mask which she can never take off, since when her face is exposed, her face emits a radiant light which damages everything around her - including herself. She is a player character in The Fallen Kingdom campaign, played by Sam P.

Name: Y'lhana Arderne
Aliases: Y'lhana, Gladiator
Nicknames: -
Home: Waterdeep
Gender: Female
Race: Aasimar
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Born: 1511 DR (age: 25)
Died: N/A
Relatives: Alen Arderne - father; Christine Arderne - mother
Status: Alive