The Sundered World

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The Sundered World can be best described as the time period that Elderain is currently going through - it has gone on since the fall of the Giants in mid-1535 DR, and has thus far lasted until the present day (1536 DR). It is a period of interplanar chaos, in which Elderain is constantly shifting between different planes of existence, and is having its laws of space and time rewritten constantly.

Flavor Text

Elderain, torn by natural forces and malign alike, began to bend and break under the strain. As the crystal madness spread, the Kingdom began to become disjointed in reality, and shifted into an interplanar state. At night, the sky is permanently filled with infinite planes and astral clouds. A thick fog lies upon the borders of the Kingdom, and those who venture away never return. Plane-shifting is as easy as dreaming… and this makes nightmares very, very real.

Description of Events

The rift allowing the demons into Elderain opened in Northwestern Elderain, and they set this land ablaze. To combat them, the creatures of the Feywild opened a portal to access Elderain to the east of the demons: they engaged in fierce combat with them, essentially plunging Northwestern Elderain into an eternal forest fire.

Recognizing the threat that the demons posed, the Druids of the Autumn Grove, led by Sylvara, sought to form an alliance with the Fey; they were ultimately rejected, however, as the elven forces were deemed small and insignificant. In spite of this, the Druids rallied all the remaining elves of Elderain to form a crusade against the demons, alliance or no alliance. They eventually succeeded in closing the rift, though very few elves survived, making them currently a very rare race in Elderain. The Fey, however, were using the elven crusade to their advantage; they pulled their forces out of the battle in order to create a mystical tree in Elderain. This tree, only visible to elves, has had a significant effect on the surrounding landscape; it means that the nearby villagers of other races can no longer hunt or gather, and it warps space and time in the area for all non-Fey.

In addition to this, there is a group of celestial beings who have heard rumors that the gods are not dead; rather, they are being locked away in the Abyssal plane. These beings – two devas called Delor and Galladiel, and a quadrone called Symmetro – have set off on a quest to find and save the gods. They pass through the Prime Material Plane on their travels and, in doing so, meet the Glimmerwood’s werewolves. The werewolves have noted that their prayers to Selune to help them control their curse have been going unanswered lately (although they are not completely without control, as the purple crystals seem to have a calming effect on them for some reason); they thus decide to team up with the celestials. Their mission led them all down into the Abyssal plane and, in their first battle to free the gods, the goddess Selune is outright killed. And yet, it has been necessary for the werewolves to stay in the Abyss: they have turned their efforts towards keeping something sealed away, which must never be let free…

By the start of the Elderain: The Fallen Kingdom campaign, planes are bleeding into each other throughout Elderain. The water plane has leaked into Elderain, sending a Kraken crashing through; this has been defeated by a group of adventurers, who set up a community on its corpse in the Chasm. The Prime Material plane has been tethered to the Fugue plane, which allows some communication between the dead and the living. The plane of Mechanus has shifted partly into Elderain, and is using this connection to extract resources from the Plane of Fire. And finally, literal nightmares are appearing throughout the kingdom: an anonymous figure known as “The Dreamer” is said to be suffering from terrible nightmares in their sleep, very much unwillingly bringing said nightmares to life.

Such is the state of Elderain when, one day, a dead god crashes down upon it; this marks the beginning of the Elderain: The Fallen Kingdom campaign.