The Glaive Family

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The House of Glaive as of 1533DR. It was rebuilt following the War of Shadows, during which it was destroyed after being summoned from the Feywild.

The Glaive family is a proud elven house that has lasted for more than three millennia. The family used to focus purely on blooded relatives, though in recent years have accepted many members from across Elderain who pledge their allegiance and loyalty to the House.


The Glaive Household was founded by Ivern Garen, a high elf warrior who had leaned more towards diplomacy than war. His engagement to the high elf Ferra Junia was arranged by their parents, however the two were already in love as they had known each other since childhood. With his father being an infamous warmonger, Ivern vowed to destroy the family's bloodthirsty reputation and renamed his last name to Glaive, and Ferra followed suit. Many family members joined Ivern's side though many also chose to stand by the original family name and a small civil war ensues. Ivern overthrew his father as head of the Garen House and merged the two as one.

Over the next few thousand years, the title of Head was passed down to the firstborn child of each family, whether they be male or female. Ferra lived an incredibly long life even for an elf, reaching 1000 years old before passing away. As such, she is often referred to as "Grandmother Glaive" when spoken of.

Before Shadows over Elderain

Anduin Glaive was the proud head of the Glaive Household for the last 440 years before the events of Shadows Over Elderain. A young successor, he was an only child without any siblings. His father had died from an assassination attempt before he was born and his mother died through the trauma of childbirth when on the run from the assassins. His uncle ran the family until Anduin become 17 years old. As such, he grew up quite a cold and hardened man, completely set on protecting the Household from any harm and stopping anyone in his way.

Eventually he met Rienna Maves, who was a young chatelaine in the Glaive Household. Smitten with her, the two fell in love and eventually married. It was Rienna who proposed that others in the land should have the opportunity to join this noble house, and Anduin agreed, knowing that in these times strength in numbers was almost a requirement to survive.

Eventually the two gave birth to a daughter whom they named Mirielle. Anduin was terrified of the thought of Rienna dying through childbirth, and after their first child the two of them decided that they would have no more children. For some years Miriella grew into an intelligent and sweet child, though lacked companionship. Fate intervened, and on their return from a merchant trip, Anduin and his company stumbled across an abandoned baby in the forest. Anduin adopted her and named her Aura, before bringing her home and raising her alongside Mirielle. Miri was thrilled with her new companion, and treated her in every way like a sister she had always had. Aura began her life at the Glaive Household as reserved and subservient until her confidence grew tremendously.

Aura decided to take up some combat lessons in her teenage years in case any threats to the Glaive Household returned. Taught by Imilvarien of the guard, she quickly learned the ropes of combat and eventually became a body double to Mirielle due to their uncanny resemblance to one another. This had caused rumours in the House of a possible affair by Anduin, all of which have been vehemently denied.