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Niriley, circa 1503 DR. (Credit: missfairyring)
"Everything I've done out here has only been to protect my family in the forest, now including you.... I missed you." - Niriley to Janta, after the War of Shadows.
Niriley, circa the year of the War of Shadows.
Name: Niriley
Aliases: Niriley Feywalker; Niriley Deathjaw
Nicknames: Niri
Home: The Glimmerwood
Gender: Female
Race: Moon Elf/Werewolf
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Born: Estimated 1396 DR (age: 140)
Died: ???
Myers-Briggs Type: ISFP
Relatives: Glimmerwood Turkeys - adopted family; Glimmerwood Werewolves - adopted family; Naru - spirit guardian; Janta Queensbane - husband (ostensibly)
Status: Unknown

Niriley Deathjaw was a Druid, formerly elven but now a werewolf chieftain. She was a player character in the Shadows Over Elderain campaign, played by Nina.


At the start of the Shadows Over Elderain arc, Niriley (or Niri) was a Moon Elf, standing at 5'6", with braided blue hair, green eyes and a grayish complexion. In the colder months especially, she is often seen wearing a green, fur-lined coat and simple brown leggings. She had recently reached adulthood, which put her at slightly over 100 years old as of 1503 DR, although she herself does not know her exact age. In her werewolf form, she has light gray fur, stands at 6'9", and can often be seen wearing a long cloak.

To most people who meet her, Niriley initially comes across as naive and uneducated, but this is due largely to her upbringing: she was raised by turkeys in the Glimmerwood just west of Elderain, and has had very little human or elven contact in her life, which means that she occasionally needs others to teach her basic skills such as reading or flirting. However, given her deep knowledge of nature, magic and the Fey, it would be inappropriate to consider her truly naive. In addition, Niriley can be somewhat hot-headed at times; she is quick to anger, slow to forgive, and generally slow to place her trust in other humanoids. (This, unfortunately, only worsened when she earned her werewolf form.) Yet in spite of this, Niriley will instinctively work to the benefit of others in need - and this is a trait which made her a powerful Ally of the Kingdom during the War of Shadows.

Being of the Circle of the Seasons, Niriley chooses to venerate the season of Winter, which shows through in her magic: many of her spells involve ice storms, and she is at her most powerful when it is coldest. As her magical powers grew, she developed a signature move, which was grabbing her enemies by the skull and casting Frost Rime, focused on their head.


Prior to the War of Shadows

Much of Niriley's backstory before the age of about 10 is unknown even to her, through a mixture of memory-wiping magic and her own, voluntary repression of memories. Thus, she would not be able to tell you that she came from a Moon Elf settlement just south of the Glimmerwood, which was torn apart by war when she was 2 years old. Her parents, on the brink of death, brought her as deep into the forest as they could, where the elves' attackers would be least likely to find her. It was there that she was found by the gang of turkeys that would end up looking after her, and she after them, into adulthood.

Some years later, she was found by a nomadic group of druidic wood elves of the Circle of the Seasons. It was these elves who taught Niri to use Druidic magic, and provided her with elven companionship and guidance during her youngest years. However, this was not to last: the local Fey were responding poorly to the presence of the Wood Elves, and it was clear that they would need to move on in order to survive. Little Niri, however, was extremely resistant to this, having bonded as deeply as she had with the turkeys she knew she could not take along. The wood elves thus made the heart-wrenching decision to leave her behind, and magically erase all memories that she had of them. However, as a parting gift, one of them did summon a Fey creature to look after Niri for the rest of her days - this was Naru, the forest spirit with the form of an arctic fox.

Niriley thereafter went on to have a relatively peaceful childhood and adolescence, forming relationships with all the local wildlife, and learning the ways of the forest. In general, the few interactions that she has had with humans or elves have been negative for at least one party, whether it involved them trying to disturb her in her natural habitat, or her playing tricks on them with a cacophony of strategically-timed spells.

Around when she was in her mid-eighties, contact was established between her and a local benevolent clan of werewolves. Their relationship was not initially good: they met after a misunderstanding which involved one such werewolf attempting to catch one of Niri's turkeys for a meal, and Niri attempting to single-handedly fight off the werewolf. Thankfully, it was not long before the relationship between Niri and these werewolves - led by the upstanding warrior Janta Gnarlclaw - began to improve. For the two decades leading up to the War of the Shadows, they had an amicable sort of alliance, each helping out the other where they fell short and eventually forming great mutual respect. Also, shortly after meeting these werewolves, she was introduced to the young Nuna Scarbrow, who had been turned into a werewolf at the age of five out of necessity; the two formed a close relationship as Niriley chose to guide her around her first few years in the Glimmerwood, before she was ready to truly live among the other werewolves.

The War of Shadows

Niriley was initially summoned to work for the Grey Remnant by Atramedes, who communicated with her his wishes by way of corrupted forest spirits. The allies of the Drow Queen Mozana had concocted a plan to distract the people of Elderain from their schemes by using the Glimmerwood's werewolves, and understood that Niriley would not allow them to achieve this so long as she was there - in essence, they killed two birds with one stone by hiring her. She met Angor, Elarus, Viridia, and Thak - and, eventually, Berym-Doran, by way of his interrogation - in Whistleway Tavern, in the very southwest of Elderain. Later, while on a brief quest to save an owlbear spirit called Ux in a nearby forest and delay a Drow invasion, she met Aura of Glaive - at the time, she was disguised as Lady Mirielle of Glaive.

Following this, Niriley and her allies discovered that an aggressive werewolf invasion was plaguing the villages in Lost Light Valley. They travelled to Duskdell to discover that this was because of a change in leadership of the werewolf clan that she knew: Janta Gnarlclaw had recently been brutally overthrown by the magically-aided Glitterfang, and this Glitterfang wished to take the clan in a darker direction. Niriley thus decided that the best way to solve this problem was to have Janta retake control of the clan by defeating Glitterfang in single combat. Upon making this decision, Niriley and friends travelled south to discover that Lost Light was under a large-scale invasion by Glitterfang's werewolves; they therefore joined the fray, which resulted in many refugees being taken to Yarburg (but also, unfortunately, the escape of Glitterfang). Niriley and her party was led to Yarburg after this, to attempt their original plan once more. Niri enlisted the help of "Mirielle" to manipulate the nobility of Yarburg into sending their troops out to find Glitterfang, and bring him into the city to face trial by combat courtesy of Janta. This operation was a success, and a battle ensued between the two werewolves in front of a large audience in the centre of Yarburg. This was an intense battle, with both werewolves nearly losing their lives - and it was further escalated when Niri tried to help Janta by healing him, but he shouted her down, resulting in Glitterfang biting his right hand off. And yet, in the end, Janta was victorious: he ripped Glitterfang's magical tooth out of his mouth, and stabbed him in the heart with it. As a sign of thanks after the battle, he gifted Niri with this tooth, which she now wears as a pendant for magical protection. Additionally, on this same day, she met Zhang while in an inn, fighting off Romar's aspect with her party on behalf of Elarus.

Following this, Niriley and her party met with Lady Lyra de Vassiel, who escorted them to Cair Vanta. It was here that Niriley watched her friends "Mirielle" and Thak participate in competitions, discovered her love of bathhouses, stopped some dogfights, and discovered (alongside "Mirielle") that a half-elf called Transil Vekkarien wanted Thak's head. After working with her party to concoct a plan to trick the ever-paranoid Transil into meeting them outside his house, she participated in a battle which resulted in the deaths of Transil, Thak's father, and - nearly - Sam Tarry, a former friend of Thak's. Following these events, she befriended Sam (who would go on to teach her how to read) and Horace Bimbleby, a former mentor of Thak's. In addition, Aura revealed her true identity to Niri and friends at this time, having just rescued her sister Mirielle from a nearby Percy Groone. Unfortunately, Niri's and her friends' participation in these events meant that they were unable to stop the assassination of Lord Vassiel, who they found dead in his home the next day.

Later that very day, Niriley and her party were invited to a Royal Ball, to celebrate the engagement of Prince Vilgon; Angor, however, had plans to orchestrate the King's assassination that night. Niriley was against the killing of the King, however: instead, she, along with Thak and Zhang, stole the Star of Elderain from the palace as it was being taken to storage. From that night, the Star remained in Niriley's possession until the end of the War of Shadows. After the assassination of King Arkhand III, Niriley fled with Lyra and the rest of her party: they returned to the house of Horace Bimbleby, where Mirielle was found to be kidnapped again and Horace was found on his deathbed. The party managed to preserve Horace in a comatose state; that night, Niriley made a pact with Thak that she would restore Horace to health. Soon after, as the Spellplague began to take over Cair Vanta, the whole party fled to Gottsbruck.

During her stay in Gottsbruck, she and her allies stayed with Rigby Hammerfist and his family, as he was already a friend of Lyra; the whole family and their pets became good friends to Niriley in this time. While in Gottsbruck, Niriley met her wolf mount, who she called Janta, and visited the nobility of Gottsbruck to entrust them with the care of the Star of Elderain until she would need it again. Also, to continue her quest of reviving Horace Bimbleby, she travelled to the mountains north of Gottsbruck to find some Fey who were rumored to guard Holy Water with tremendous healing power; in exchange for taking enough to revive Horace, she was contracted by these Fey to bring them a tear of Selune, which would protect them during the winter. (In their words, she was asked to "make the moon cry.") This contract - which would later be heavily researched in Gottsbruck's library by Sam Tarry - gave her a connection to the Fey which briefly granted her some new healing abilities, and tattoos on her forehead which glowed when she cast spells. During this same trip north, accompanied by the homeless man Logan Bush, she and her allies discovered the massive glacier between Gottsbruck and the Vale of Ashbury, which was later revealed to be the magical handiwork of Atramedes.

She later made the acquaintance of a halfling bard called Tala Littlefoot, who came to Gottsbruck to warn the people of the presence of the Forsaken Legion in the north. Realizing they planned to attack the village of Dalenor and, later, move south towards Gottsbruck, Niriley and her allies moved to meet the Forsaken Legion at Dalenor. On their arrival, they discovered that Dalenor had been completely taken, and yet Niriley and her party killed all but one of the undead soldiers (one, called Maru Bovar, was kept alive for questioning). He informed them of Count Vladoc's plans to storm Gottsbruck with an army of undead, and sprung a trap on them, in which Tharos - the Black Dragon of the Forsaken Legion - appeared to attack them. Niriley was severely wounded by Tharos's acid breath, but fought back by firing massive boulders towards him out of catapults; in the end, though, it was Thak who killed Tharos by driving his sword through his stomach, after Curuin (who revealed himself as a Bronze Dragon) helped in weakening him.

Despite Niri's lack of experience in polite society, she attended a ball held in Gottsbruck: thanks to Aura, she found a half-elf merchant named Rofar to be her date, and the two seemed to get along well. Their time together, however, was unfortunately cut short by the discovery of a portal to the Infernal Plane beneath the city, through which demons had snuck in to kill various members of the nobility. Niriley and her party decided to eliminate the threat from within this portal: this turned out to be Akh-Romar-Zimbhaal, who initially attempted to win the party's devotion peacefully, but ended up being banished in combat by the party (later joined by Berym-Doran and Sylvara, in an emotional reunion).

With Viridia, she later visited Curuin at Gottsbruck Palace to see him reunite with his wife, Sylvara. The reunited couple mentioned to the player characters that Romar had taken a keen interest in the Feywild, for some reason; incidentally, it was theorized by the Prince that the Feywild would be the only way to access the Tower of Atramedes. The Feywild thus became their next destination. This was good news for Niriley, as she had had a relationship with Fey for most of her life and was therefore the most well-equipped character to lead the others around the Feywild. They met with the four Queens of the Seasons, of whom only the Queen of Autumn was awake at the time, and were directed by them to the Crystal Spire of Atramedes, some distance away. (Niri, however, did not leave without making an offering to the Queen of Winter, whom she venerated.) In exchange for helping the Queens of Winter to purge this threat, the Queen of Autumn promised to grant Niri a Tear of Selune, to settle her contract with the Fey of the Deerwold. Before leaving for the Crystal Spire, she and the party helped to dispel some of the Tower's Crystal magic near the Court of Seasons, which seemed to be infecting nearby Fey with a grisly mind-controlling illness. Shortly after, though, the party was met in the Feywild by the House of Glaive, who welcomed Aura back as the trueborn daughter of Anduin and Rienna Glaive and provided shelter for Niriley and her friends. That night, however, Niriley received a disturbing vision of the work taking place in the Vale of Ashbury, as well as a monstrous threat saved specifically for Niriley and friends. Startled by this dream, the party wasted no time the next day storming the tower of Atramedes; Atramedes knew of their presence, and made the party pass through several magical trials to reach him. These trials, which blurred the line between fake and real, had Niriley witness the death of some beloved friends, try (and fail) to stop Aura from murdering Angor in his dwarven form, be deemed a worthy hero by a wise tree (as she explained to it her willingness to befriend those who were once her enemies), and witness a cordial greeting between Zhang and Count Vladoc. Once the trials were passed, Niriley and her friends faced Atramedes and his pet beholder, Stinky, in an epic battle: this took place on an ever-shifting dreamscape, where they were constantly being thrown between different environments. Eventually, though, Atramedes and Stinky were killed, and the party - along with the House of Glaive - was transported back to the Prime Material plane, near the Vale of Ashbury.

That very night, after they had all gone to sleep, Niriley was woken by sounds of battle just south of where the King's Army set up camp. This turned out to be a battle between the Forsaken Legion, attempting to ambush the King's Army, and Janta's werewolves - who were, in turn, ambushing the Forsaken Legion. The battle resulted in a decisive werewolf victory, and Niriley rushed to meet her old friends, relieved to see that the War hadn't already killed them. She took aside her old friends, Janta and Nuna, and they each recounted to each other what they had seen in the two weeks while they were separated; she also met Janta's new lieutenant, Ethan Bloodmaw, alongside whom she would fight in the final battle. Eventually, when the King's plan of attack had been laid out and it was time to begin the final battle, she and her teammates was sent into Ashbury Castle to face Count Vladoc directly, with the Star of Elderain in tow. Janta sent her off with a hug, and the parting words, "We will meet again, in this world or the next."

She and her party were first sent through a necropolis, which threw a variety of puzzles at them before they could pass; one of these involved Niriley raising a flood of holy water to instantly kill a large army of skeletons. Once they had made it through the necropolis, they found an imprisoned Percy Groone, whose death Niriley was then complicit in by firing a splash of acid onto the lock of his cell. Finally, after blasting through a battalion of Drow, the party confronted Count Vladoc himself, who taunted them from the top of his tower, and sent "Angor" (in dwarven form) to confront the party. He attempted to apologize to them and make amends, seeming reluctant to fight: Niri, however, was not about to forgive him, and so a harsh battle ensued. Niri and her party faced a gauntlet of enemies at the top of this tower; Angor, who often concealed himself to escape; a Drow lich who was controlling an army of undead in the battle below; a group of Drow assassins who had been guarding a tied-up Mirielle at the top of the tallest tower; and Count Vladoc himself, who had been manipulating some spirits from the woods nearby to produce a dark energy, using the same machine meant to power the Star of Elderain, and engulf all of Elderain. In this battle, Niriley killed one of the assassins while grabbing him by the head and using Frost Rime; she also rushed into Count Vladoc's tower and cast the angry spirits from the machine, replacing them with the Star of Elderain. This action would only win them the final battle once Viridia had fixed the machine, to cast the Light over all of Ashbury; however, once all their enemies were defeated, many of Niriley's allies had nearly been killed.

In the aftermath, Niriley went down to the battlefield to survey the damage that had been done. There, she met Janta on his deathbed; just before he passed away, they had a heartfelt reunion, in which Janta asked her to become a werewolf and go on to lead his people. Streaked with tears, Niriley chose to reincarnate him: he awoke once more in his human form, and when Niriley presented him with the chance to be a werewolf again, he accepted. Not long after, Niriley was thanked by Prince Vilgon for her involvement by being offered royal protection for the Glimmerwood - which she would then return to with her people, not to set foot in Elderain again for a long time.

Thirty Years of Turmoil

Niri, as she appeared in her werewolf form. (Artist: SephineeDraws)

Upon winning the War of Shadows with her allies, Niri was bitten by Janta Queensbane (as he became known) and asked to lead his werewolf tribe, which had roughly tripled in size since the battle at Lost Light. Since she felt that this was a lot of responsibility to take on while newly turned, she asked Janta to re-assume leadership alongside her after his re-incarnation; he would be there to guide her through the first few months of learning to control her new form (which ended up taking mere months, due to her Druidic background and general familiarity with werewolves), and in turn, she would help him to teach all the new werewolves of their ways and their place in the Glimmerwood.

At first, Niriley Feywalker (as she became known for her role in the War) spent some time being an effective co-chieftain to her werewolf tribe, eventually even integrating her turkeys into the tribe. However, not all werewolves were on board with Niri and Janta’s strict leadership; controlling the bloodlust that was characteristic of their curse did not come naturally to many, and a large subset of the tribe felt that it would be easier to let the beast in them reign free. On top of this, Niri faced many challengers from her own tribe who lacked faith in her as a leader, since she did not obtain power in the traditional way of besting a former leader in combat. A long period of intense struggle followed, which ended with both Niri and Janta retaining their positions of leadership – but not without cost. The tribe that once was split in two, with roughly half of them breaking away to plague the Glimmerwood with their bloodlust – under the guidance of Aoife Nightrage, who was, interestingly, a member of Janta’s tribe before the War. The chieftains of each tribe remain bitter rivals to this day, though other things had gotten in the way of their fighting since…

Ten years prior to the Crystal Blight, Niri made the unfortunate discovery that a portal had been ripped somewhere in the Glimmerwood, giving the Fey and other extraplanar creatures unrestricted access to the Prime Material plane. The cause of this is as yet unknown, but the dangers this caused included, but were not limited to, the following: corrupted spirits becoming involved with and empowering Nightrage’s werewolves (which Niri suspected had been going on since before the portal opened, even potentially influencing her tribe’s splitting); the more chaotic laws of spacetime from the Feywild leaking into the Prime Material plane, warping the Glimmerwood as Niri knew it (and thus undermining one of her most effective traits as a co-chieftain – her knowledge of the forest); capricious elemental beings occasionally abducting innocent creatures, sometimes affiliated with Niri’s tribe, and demanding outrageous ransoms for their return; and finally, constant fighting between creatures of different Planes, which turned much of the forest into a perpetual war zone. Luckily, Niriley managed to secure a small area of the Glimmerwood for her tribe, along with the help of her Source Stone (a stone which absorbs all magical damage, hard-won through battle with a magic-immune demon, detailed below), and Nuna Scarbrow, her young Druidic apprentice; they call this small sanctuary “New Home,” and in the present day, few of Niriley’s tribe members ever enter or leave the sanctuary unless absolutely necessary. 

Despite having a sanctuary in the forest, it had been unfortunately necessary on occasion for Niri and her allies to engage in battle with their extraplanar enemies. One such incident involved a group of Niri’s werewolves battling against a powerful, magic-immune demon that had entered the forest; the werewolves defeated it successfully, but Niri received an injury in battle which melted the flesh off the right side of her jaw, and cursed it with necrotic energy. This grisly scar does not disappear when Niri uses Polymorph or Wild Shape, and thus she earned her current title, Deathjaw. 

And so Niri, recognizing the absolute necessity of outside help, summoned her former allies from the War of Shadows to the Glimmerwood. Together, they concocted a plan to seal the portal to the Feywild by luring a Stone Giant to it: this almost worked, but at the last second the Black Dragon (with Thak Jr. on its back) ripped through it, burning down much of the Glimmerwood and spreading the beginnings of the Crystal Blight. Feeling that she had no choice, Niriley followed the Black Dragon down to Elderain with her allies. After reviewing the situation of those who survived the dragon's wake, and dispelling the Crystals' magic from Thak (who lacked the common sense to not approach them), she and the party headed to Cair Vanta to seek council with King Vilgon. She and her party informed the King of what they had seen - as well as the fact that she and Viridia had discovered crystals, and a strange warmth, at the bottom of Lake Vanta. The King made the decision to summon the people of Vanta to the palace, and present Niriley and her party as Elderain's new heroes in a courage-inspiring speech. This, however, was not to succeed: in the middle of the speech, the Black Dragon rose from Lake Vanta and wiped out a tenth of Vanta's population, with the King, Queen, and Prince of Elderain being among them. Niriley and her party attempted to fight this dragon, but it fled to the House of the Golden Dragon - so, they followed it there.

At the House of the Golden Dragon, Niriley witnessed the passing of the sacred Rice Bowl from Lien Ming to Zhang - and Lien Ming's own passing away soon after. She and the party further met up with Curuin, who had been afflicted by the Crystal Blight but was cured by the magic of the House of the Golden Dragon. The party, Curuin, and Zhang's disciples planned an attack on the Black Dragon for when it arrived, ambushing it when it swooped down over them. Fierce battle ensued upon the back of the Black Dragon, where Niriley ultimately discovered that Thak Jr. - under the influence of the Faceless Man - had been riding the Black Dragon for the whole time, as he summoned the Negative Energy Plane into the Prime Material and injured Niriley badly. As Thak confronted Thak Jr., the battle raged on and many lives were lost: Niriley witnessed the deaths of the Black Dragon (fortunately), and two of Zhang's disciples and Curuin (unfortunately). The confrontation concluded with Thak Jr. opening up a mysterious portal, and the entire remaining party following him into it - they continued their conflict on the other side of it, and remain there to this day.

Significant Relationships


Aura of Glaive: Niriley and Aura had a somewhat strained relationship in the beginning, rife with misunderstandings due to their vastly different backgrounds. Eventually, though, they formed a sort of love-hate relationship: while they were close friends and allies who deeply appreciated each others' skills, they were known to clash occasionally (as Niriley was sometimes frustrated by Aura's tendency to keep secrets and act recklessly, and Niriley's micromanaging tendencies and frequent failure to behave appropriately in polite society frustrated Aura). Nonetheless, Aura was one of the closest player characters to Niriley during the Shadows Over Elderain campaign, and they will likely maintain this relationship as time passes.

Viridia: Viridia was a good friend of Niriley's during (and after) the Shadows Over Elderain campaign: they shared much in common from the get-go, after all. They were often seen Wild-Shaping together to perform various tasks on their missions throughout Elderain, and Viridia was perhaps another of Niriley's closest friends while she was away from the Glimmerwood. The two were known to keep in touch after the War of Shadows.

Zhang the Burdened: Zhang was the member of the player character group that Niri met last, and she scarcely got the chance to truly know him due to the challenges he faced on their journey. Yet the few times they did interact made Niri respect him greatly - save for the one time when he suggested that she be civil to Prince Vilgon, which she Did Not Like. The two could have been said to have had a cordial relationship.

Thak Dragonsbane: Thak and Niriley did not have an especially close relationship over the course of the Shadows Over Elderain campaign, though she did admire his strength and fighting ability. Still, she clearly found him incredibly funny, and generally saw no harm in his antics.

Elarus: Niriley and Elarus never became especially familiar, unfortunately, due to Elarus going on adventures separate from the rest of the party. Not long after they met, however, Niriley made a tactless comment about Elarus being a tiefling, and Elarus took offence. Niriley regretted this for the rest of the campaign and was very apologetic, but it is unclear whether Elarus ever let it go.

Ethan Bloodmaw: During the Shadows Over Elderain campaign, Niriley only met Ethan at the final battle of the War of Shadows: though she was initially ill at ease with his taciturn demeanor, the two came to trust each other very quickly out of sheer necessity. However, the two came to know each other well over the course of Niriley's relationship, and are currently good friends who enjoy being around each other.


Janta Gnarlclaw: At the beginning of the Shadows Over Elderain campaign, Niriley and Janta had a business-partner-like relationship: while they looked after each other and worked together for the best interests of their people and the forest, they did not know each other particularly well. However, the events of the War of Shadows brought them far closer together than before - even to the point that Niri was Janta's first choice to lead his people after his death. After the War of Shadows, as they led their clan together, the nature of their relationship turned romantic and all who know them personally can attest to the depth of their bond.

Berym-Doran: Niriley genuinely liked Berym-Doran a lot; she found him to be a truly good and strong person, and only ever wanted the best for him and his family. It is believed that he saw her at least mildly positively, and the two got along amicably when they interacted.

King Vilgon: Niriley had always had a sour relationship with the late King of Elderain, due mostly to his long-held disrespect of seemingly anyone close to her (in particular, Janta). Unfortunately, due to the stubborn and somewhat impersonable nature of both characters, this relationship never improved. It has even posed a direct security threat to Niri, as she has only barely managed to restrain herself from physically attacking Elderain's royalty. (She is grateful to her party members for not allowing this.)

Lady Lyra de Vassiel: Niriley and Lyra maintained a cordial relationship while they worked together during the War of Shadows - they had little in common, and so their interactions sometimes naturally felt stilted. Niri still cared for Lyra though, and showed a concern for her safety throughout the time they knew each other.

Carlo Anderton: Niri HATES Carlo. Literally cannot stand him. She has no idea what she's missing.

Sam Tarry: Niriley met Sam Tarry during the conflict between Thak and Transil, in which he was unfortunately caught in the cross-hairs. The two feel positively towards each other, as Sam feels indebted to her for being partially responsible for saving his life (for which Niri denies any direct responsibility). Niri, in turn, was taught basic reading by Sam - an act of kindness for which she was grateful.

Rofar: Niriley and Rofar briefly dated during a party held by the nobility of Gottsbruck. Noticing some points in common between them, Niriley allowed herself to be open about her past with him, and she perceived him to have taken an interest. She rather liked Rofar, and was sad that she did not get to see him again after the War of Shadows.

Angor/Azdiim: Niriley and Angor had a frosty relationship when they first met, even when she still thought he was a dwarf; they clearly did not have similar priorities, which began to show itself when Niriley chose to go save Ux in his sanctuary rather than progress with their assassination quest. She had only just begun to warm to him when he revealed himself to be a Drow in disguise; for duping the party in such a way, Niriley was never quite able to forgive him. (She was, however, willing to listen to him talk in Atramedes' tower of illusions, which suggests that she could have been swayed to forgive him - sadly, this was never explored.)

Character Sheet

Class Level HP AC Proficiency
Druid 20 144 18 +6

Alignment: Neutral Good

Statistic Score Bonus
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 17 +3
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 14 +2
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 13 +1

(Note: the above stats apply to Niriley's elven form. In werewolf form, she gains a +1 bonus to Strength.)

Trained Skills: Animal Handling; Intimidation; Medicine; Nature


Cantrips: Acid Splash; Shillelagh; Druidcraft; Poison Spray; Ray of Frost

Level 1: Cure Wounds; Healing Word; Speak with Animals; Create/Destroy Water

Level 2: Lesser Restoration; Moonbeam; Barkskin; Misty Step; Snilloc's Snowball Swarm

Level 3: Sleet Storm; Dispel Magic; Daylight; Wind Wall; Water Walk

Level 4: Polymorph; Locate Creature; Ice Storm; Control Water; Frost Rime

Level 5: Cone of Cold; Hold Monster; Reincarnate; Scrying; Mass Cure Wounds

Level 6: Heroes' Feast; Wind Walk

Level 7: Regenerate; Plane Shift (Feywild)

Level 8: Control Weather

Level 9: Foresight


  • Like many Druids, Niriley has a full Druidic name: the name she goes by, Niriley, is actually a portion of this Druidic name, which is very rare as it is forbidden to teach non-Druids the language. Her full name is Cali le-Selye Trias san-Niriley Reisa, which loosely translates to "She who walks among the Fey, and thus protects and is protected by the forest."
    • The reason that she uses part of her Druidic name as her Common name is that she does not otherwise have a given name which she remembers. In lacking one, she reasons that the use of part of her Druidic name is safe, as most do not know its true meaning.
    • She has only ever told her full name to two people: her apprentice Nuna, and her partner Janta. The latter never learned the meaning of her name, however.
  • The scarring on her face, which earned her the title Deathjaw, is a source of great embarrassment for Niriley; she hates the way that it makes her look, and often makes an effort to hide it.
  • During the whole War of Shadows, Niriley never once dealt a final blow which killed any major enemy. This is not something that she is ashamed of.
  • Niriley's two favorite pastimes are snowball fights and sledding; these are very seasonal activities, however, so she often seeks out substitutes for these in other seasons. These "substitues" are sometimes dangerous - traveling downhill at high speeds is generally made easier with the presence of snow - though she doesn't seem to care if she is mildly injured in doing this.
  • Niri's favorite food is chestnuts. She considers it a real treat when she is able to gather enough to roast over a fire and share with her friends.