Marquess Chrysalia the 4839th

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Chrysalia, circa the year 1536 DR.

"There is no way to physically describe how impossibly damp she is." - Sam, describing Chrysalia for the first time.

Marquess Chrysalia the 4839th (known to most simply as Chrysalia) was a Water Genasi Noble from the Plane of Water. The child of Carlo Anderton and the marid queen Thalassia-Marisha, she traveled to Elderain during its Sundering to attempt to seize the throne from Aeryth Glaive, and traveled with her and her companions during her attempts to do so. She is a player character in The Fallen Kingdom campaign, played by Sambles.

Name: Marquess Chrysalia the 4839th
Aliases: Chrysalia
Nicknames: The Sexiest Water Genasi in Elderain
Home: The Elemental Plane of Water
Gender: Female
Race: Water Genasi (Freshwater)
Class: Rogue
Alignment: True Neutral
Born: Estimated 1513 DR (age: 23)
Died: N/A
Relatives: Carlo Anderton - father; Thalassia-Marisha - mother; thousands of siblings (including Rushario and Coralisa)
Status: Alive - Soulless