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"You all ARE my strength... but the conflict with my brother I fear I may have to solve alone to gain the confidence of my people." - Aeryth, speaking to her comrades around a campfire.

Aeryth Glaive (or Aura Denas) was the Princess of Elderain at the beginning of the Crystal Blight. While still being of royal descent, the royal family is no longer recognized, as it is widely believed that the Denas bloodline was wholly extinguished at the beginning of the Crystal Blight. As such, she is using her survival and combat skills which she learned from Lhoris Errol to help with the quest to save Elderain - and all other Planes - from a terrible fate. She is a player character in The Fallen Kingdom campaign, played by Ella.

Aeryth Glaive, circa The Shadows over Elderain.
Real Name: Aura Denas
Chosen Name: Aeryth Glaive
Aliases: Aeryth, Princess Aura, Aeryth Errol
Home: The Glaive Household/Cair Vanta Palace
Gender: Female
Race: Half Elf
Class: Ranger - Deepstalk Conclave
Born: 1518DR, 1st of Kythorn
Died: ???
Myers-Briggs type: ENFJ
Relatives: Mirielle Denas - Mother Vilgon Denas - Father Aura Glaive - Aunt Anduin Glaive - Grandfather Rienna Glaive - Grandmother Arkhand II - Brother Arkhand I - Grandfather (Deceased)
Associations: The Royal Family, The Shadow Guard
Status: Alive

Early Life

Born on the 1st of Kythorn, 1518DR, Aura Denas was the firstborn child to her royal parents Vilgon Denas and Mirielle Denas (née Glaive). She was reportedly born with relative ease, and due to her lack of crying during her birth, there was almost concern for her general health. Despite this, Aura Denas was a healthy baby and also a healthy child.

On the 27th of Hammer, 1520DR, her younger brother, Arkhand II, was born. This in turn meant that he became the heir apparent, as males were prioritised in the line of succession. Despite heavy protest of this by her aunt, Aura Glaive, the Royal Council kept this rule as a tribute to the legacy of the Denas Household.

Growing up, Aura Jr found that whilst she was similarly educated to her brother academically, she did not receive similar physical training. She requested that she be allowed to join in on his official training sessions, but this was denied as she was not seen as capable of undergoing the same combat training as her brother, who had been in training from a very young age.

Beginning at age 10, Aura Jr began to receive side-lessons from her aunt Aura when she was available. This allowed her to gain basic combat skills and to develop some knowledge concerning the art of the sword.

Her relationship with her brother was a little estranged during their youth, mainly due to Aura's bitterness that she was not afforded the same opportunities as he was. However, after witnessing her younger brother go through poison-endurance training, in which he was often bed-ridden as a result, she quickly became his greatest support. Realising that she had no desire for the Throne, she swore to protect her brother when he became King. During his recovery periods they often discussed the future, and Arkhand II had apologised to Aura for taking away her opportunities, simply for being born male. Aura dismissed this, and lamented that if only she had been born male, she could have protected her little brother from the dangers of the world.

Whilst her bond with her brother grew, her relationship with her father soured in her teenage years. Becoming more and more rebellious and inclined to skip her academic tutoring in favour of combat training, she often engaged in disputes with her father. Much of this rebellion was attributed to the influence of her aunt, whom often took her out on trips to help her practice her sword and agility training.

At the age of 15, Aura had a furious argument with her father which resulted in her attempting to run away. However, her aunt Aura intercepted her and instead convinced her parents to allow her to go training with her old friend, Lhoris Errol, in the nearby forests. Desperate to try and bridge the failing relationship between her daughter and husband, Aura's mother Mirielle reluctantly agreed, despite the dangers presented at the time by the Crystal Blight.

A week later, Cair Vanta was attacked by the Great Black Dragon, which killed Aura's parents, grandfather and - presumed at the time - her younger brother. Aura had journeyed to Cair Vanta after hearing the news, and after seeing the destruction of her home and most of her family, she became distraught.


After the destruction of Cair Vanta, Aura was presumed dead. This was caused by the false information given out for the time when she had gone to train with Lhoris Errol, to deter potential assassins. With her aunt gone, and her grandmother also unaware of her survival, Lhoris convinced Aura to go into hiding by taking up a new alias. Due to her ancestry and the rising of cults across Elderain, he cut her hair and named her Aeryth Errol, and created the identity of his long-lost nephew.

Aura - now known as Aeryth - continued her training under Lhoris, becoming more attuned to the sword and becoming skilled with the bow. She trained everyday, though she was prohibited by Lhoris to travel to any of the nearby towns or cities, and so they relied on travelling markets and merchants on the forest paths.

Years later, now at the age of 18, Aeryth left at night, using the stealth skills she had been taught by her aunt to avoid detection by Lhoris. Stealing his horse, she made her way to Vanta by following a merchant's trail, where the campaign began.

As Aeryth Errol

After meeting with the rest of the party members in an inn and deciding to work with them to try and fulfill the request of Putrefic Maggo, who wanted a man named Palaros killed in exchange for an airship. As a result, Aeryth introuced herself as Aeryth Errol, a local young man at the age of 16.

Their first investigation concerning Palaros led them to an abandoned church which was said to be haunted, but was actually being used by some of the local children who had found an odd book which allowed them to cast magic. Aeryth engaged in one of the first conflicts within the party, when one of the children surprised a party member who almost attacked the child, until Aeryth managed to intervene and prevent any injury to the child.

Through more investigation, they learned of an organisation called the Cult of the Immortal Womb, which was headed by a man named St Michael. After hearing that their fellow party member, Samson, had once been a part of this cult, the party agreed it was best to try and stop them from continuing their experiments.